Ed Glazer spotted Jeff’s Continuum on the Queens bridge yesterday but was unable to do anything because he was on the bus. He described it to the headset and said it was a mexican guy who was riding it. On that tip I went out with Jeff to go check out midtown east where the bike was spotted several times. While out looking for Jeff’s bike that was stolen a month ago, we came across another Continuum that has been missing for over a year. The gentlemen who bought the stolen bike was very cooperative on giving it back. Julian who’s continuum it was offered to pay for a new bike so the guy could get back to work. 

Today Ed Glazer and Jeff waited at the bridge to see if the dude would ride down. When I got there the bike was already there, mexican dude was cool about it and we told him what the deal was and explain to him why he should not buy stolen bikes. Jeff gave the guy what he paid for the bike.